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Mission & Vision


To provide high-quality STEM programs that meet the needs of the whole child.


To transform the face of STEM ... one community at a time!

I AM STEM Camps are designed to mentor children who are underrepresented in the STEM workforce and equip them with the knowledge, resources, and skills to become scientifically literate and productive citizens. Dr. Natalie King works within communities to identify staff, certified teachers, volunteers, and professionals who commit their time, resources, and energy to reach and teach K-12 students. I AM STEM Camps provide an early and deliberate exposure to STEM careers, and foundational knowledge to generate interest in those careers. Teachers and mentors are identified who share best practices and prepare students for the next grade level. The program’s main instructors are certified teachers in the district who are aware of the community’s culture, current standards, school climate, and testing accountability. Faculty and students from local colleges and universities work collaboratively with teachers to facilitate STEM lessons and mentor students.

I AM STEM Camps have an open-door policy where parents are encouraged to participate in the lessons, field trips, and activities. These relationships are built on trust and are embedded within the cultural and social context of the community. The classes are structured in a way that values the participants’ lived experiences with an emphasis on building relationships and an inclusive-community. I AM STEM Camps embrace a community-based and participatory learning environment approach by making direct and intentional partnerships within and across communities. This development of meaningful relationships between institutions of higher education (IHEs), community centers, faith-based institutions, informal institutions, and schools work to disrupt the silos and harness strengths in Communities of Color while working collaboratively to meet their needs.

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