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I AM STEM Camps focus on leveraging the development of community-based partnerships to increase access, equity, and diversity of high-quality informal STEM programs. These comprehensive enrichment summer camps last about 8 weeks, and target populations who are underrepresented in STEM fields, with goals of improving their interests, identity, and engagement in STEM. I AM STEM is a collaborative project that provides a model for how to embrace participants’ cultural practice and develop programs that meet the specific needs of communities and interests of the students. The I AM STEM curriculum integrates technology, engineering, and mathematics instruction into science. All activities have clear learning goals, and provide opportunities for children to engage in scientific phenomena while supporting their learning. I AM STEM Camps prepare students to become responsible and scientifically-literate citizens and aims to prevent summer learning loss which occurs when students are not engaged in formal instruction or practicing academic skills learned during the previous school year. 

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